Our process has been designed to make the boat buying experience as enjoyable as spending quality time on your new boat. It all begins with a handshake and a smile to let you know how much we value your trust and confidence in us. We’re not in hurry to get you into a boat. We want to make sure that you get the right boat, that’s why we follow a five step process to match you to the best boat for your needs.

  1. Conversation. We take the time to listen carefully to your needs and ask the right questions. We want to know: how you plan on using the boat, where you plan on using the boat, how many people you will boat with, what your performance expectations are, what level of quality you want, and what type of tow vehicle you have. There is no detail too small to examine when making an investment in your boat.
  2. Education. We provide you with all the necessary information about the boats we have available so you can make an informed and educated decision.
  3. Presentation. We will present only those boats that match your criteria. If we don’t have and can’t get what you need we will send you to someone who has the right boat for your family.
  4. Negotiation. We draw up the best offer we can and present it to the seller. We will negotiate all counter offers presented by the buyer and/or seller.
  5. Operation. We will make sure you understand all the details of your boat’s operation including all inspections or surveys you’ve requested. We offer a comprehensive delivery service that may take up to two hours so you understand all the systems on the boat, maintenance requirements, service intervals and all the special details that make using your boat pure pleasure.

Your new boat should be the start of a long and happy relationship with the boating lifestyle and it all starts with a visit or call to CHH Marine Services.